Club Story

Team Real Lacrosse Club

Welcome to the Team Real Lacrosse Club!   

I was introduced to the great sport of lacrosse in the early 80's while I was a student at St. Mary's HS in Annapolis, MD and quickly realized the hard work and commitment it would take to play at the college level.  After HS, I played lacrosse at the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, RI, and then became a four-year defenseman at the United States Naval Academy.  While serving in the military as a Naval Officer, my family eventually settled in the Portsmouth, RI area, and the kids quickly became lacrosse players.  In between naval deployments around the world, I volunteered as a lacrosse coach in various lacrosse programs throughout the RI area (both boys and girls). As my kids became older lacrosse players, my love for coaching continued in the travel team arena where I would coach teams in various national tournaments.  In 2010, I started the Team Real Lacrosse Club serving players from RI, MA, CT and others.  The club is committed to providing each player (Kindergarten through College) with the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the game, their individual stick skills, and their mental and physical toughness while building team cohesion. Lacrosse has provided me many opportunities in my life, and now I'm on a mission to provide similar opportunities for others.

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